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Credit is nice, and you can use them however you like.

Pictures come from: scans and stills uploaded by csakuras, merchandise, and the last two are drawings by blubree.

Hours Before Dawn

Hours before dawn
Rating: T, I think should be fine.
Warnings: Nothing really. Injuries not as bad as in canon.
Genre: General, H/C (?) (I'm completely new to this...)
Characters: Kamina and Simon, Yoko for two paragraphs at the end.
Pairings: Discussion of / hinting at canon het pairings.

Summary: Kamina and Simon after the battle for Dai-Ganzan. Needless to say, a bit AU. :)

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Ok, I’m really annoyed that new users can’t post straight away on now. I worked on it all weekend and now I can’t post the thing …
… and I noticed someone posted a story with a similar idea yesterday. It’ll look like I copied now. -_- No matter that I’d been mulling over how this would work for months.

… but I am really happy that I finished a piece of writing.

That’s a step up from lots of random notes strewn all over my computer!

It’s just 1400 words, but I tried really hard and edited it down a lot. I don’t have a beta, obviously, being new to this, but I think I’m my own worst critic. I’m still far from happy with it, but I guess I can’t expect my first try at really writing for a couple of years to be perfect … time to call it finished and move on to something bigger.

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This is my journal almost entirely for musings, fanfiction and occasional fanart to do with my current fandom, Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann. :D I might occasionally post other stuff, but that's why I'm here.

Hmmm... about me. Well, the most interesting/important thing is I'm working towards becoming a published author. This journal is to give me a chance to practice, and indulge my love of super robot anime and space operas, which would look odd in what I plan to write.

Why Gurren Lagann? To me, it’s more than just a crazy super robot show about drills and manliness. Stripped down to its foundations, it is a classic coming of age story. With the themes contained within this tale - the power of the human heart to overcome adversity, and grief, to conquer fear and doubt, finding yourself, and creating a future for humanity... I think it’s an incredibly beautiful story. It’s just the kind of story we need, with all the worry about climate change, and the economy - a story that reaffirms our goodness and capabilities, reminding us that humans *can* change the world and save themselves.

Gah, I love it so much! And the characters are so much fun to play with.